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May 07, 2017 | Admin | 3154 views
Great News!  We are thrilled to announce an exciting new Eagles’ program concerning our game sweaters.  

First of all, we will be debuting a fun and dynamic new jersey design, with fresh colour combinations.   We are really pumped about our new look and hope you will be too. 

Secondly, each player will be issued their own home and away sweaters (to retain at the end of the season), along with matching pro-style socks.  We will be working with Al’s Source for Sports, custom fitting all players, thereby ensuring a perfect fit for all.  (Looking good, Eagles!!)  We have set aside the week of May 15-20 for the Eagles fit nights.  All jersey and equipment fittings will take place at Al’s Source for Sports at 3485 Fairview Street.  Our Spiritwear fittings & BBQ will take place at the Eagles office in June (stay tuned for exciting changes to our Eagles dress code).

Thirdly, and most fun of all, players will be able to choose their own jersey number (certain numbers will not be available, including #1 (for use by goalies only) and #99).  Coaches and Team Managers should start preparing this list as soon as possible by asking each player for their top 3 number choices.  In the event of duplicate number requests, the coach will determine the numbers based on the top 3 requests from the affected players.

Because the player and sponsor names will be sublimated directly onto the sweater, we must caution you that spelling must be triple-checked for accuracy, since we will simply submit the information you provide for us.  The manager/team rep is more familiar with the players on their team and therefore is responsible for confirming with the families on their team that the names are 100% correct.

Coaches need to designate a manager or team representative as soon as possible that will be responsible for the placement of the orders for the uniforms and equipment, one order per team for uniforms and one order per team for equipment.  The Team Manager and Coach are both expected to attend the scheduled fitting for their team to aid in the collection of the information. 

An information session has been scheduled for Tuesday May 9 at 6:00 pm at the Eagles office for those that will be responsible for submitting team orders for the 2017-18 season.  Topics to be covered will be the gathering and submitting of all Eagles uniform and equipment orders using the attached order forms.  

Al’s Source for Sports will be forwarding the documents in another email.  Please review these documents for all the information required to place your orders for uniforms and Eagles equipment for your team as well as the schedule for your team’s fit night. (The uniform order form should be a very simple form for people to use.  Each cell has a drop down menu that lists every size available for the shirts and socks, which is easily copied and pasted for home and away once one has been completed.  Instructions will be attached.)

The equipment order form is quite easy to use as well.  Rosters can be copied and pasted to save time and the information can be filled in with what should amount to a limited amount of time and effort..

Should you have any questions please contact me, Jean Longfield at [email protected] or Chris McMillan at [email protected].

Thanks and have a wonderful summer!!  See you at the Spiritwear BBQ!!

Jean Longfield

Did you know….?????


History of our Game Sweater

Burlington City Rep Hockey Club was incorporated in 1980 and adopted as their logo a half maple leaf with the word “Burlington” slanting on the side, echoing the style of the Team Canada jerseys of the 1970’s.  Our colours were blue and orange, an inspiration taken from the Edmonton Oilers.  (In earlier years, Wayne Gretzky from nearby Brantford had competed in and was awarded the Atom MVP in our Burlington Golden Horseshoe AAA Tournament.)

In 1998 we began looking for a fresh new look.  We decided to develop our current logo to include the image of a bald eagle.  Bald eagles had recently been sighted in Burlington and of course, now Burlington is home to several pairs of nesting Eagles – the first in many decades to reside near the Great Lakes area.

The Eagle is a symbol of majesty, leadership and victory – symbolizing the Great Spirit he soars high above other birds and storm clouds.  We decided that the Eagle is a fitting emblem for the values expressed in our mission statement – our quest for excellence.

Our Mission Statement: Commitment to Excellence

The Burlington City Rep Hockey Club advocates and facilitates philosophies which affect the success and edification of our athletes as whole persons. This development includes eliciting values of character, education, integrity, leadership, teamwork, quality of life and altruism.

We have set ourselves the task of helping to mold our athletes, through the great Canadian passion of hockey, into responsible future leaders and caring citizens, whose paths will also be defined by a quest for excellence in all they do.

We further superimposed the image of the Eagle’s head over our original 1980 logo – the slanting half maple leaf to honour our club founders and former volunteers and to maintain continuity with our past.

The style and colours (vibrant reds, blues and golds) of the artwork represents the broad strokes of early aboriginal art, as do the mirrored arrowhead crests on the shoulders of the jersey, an homage to our heritage and one of our early founders, Chief Joseph Brant (Thayendanegea) who still maintains a high profile in our city two centuries later.  The blues also echo our City’s corporate colours and, of course, the blue water of our beautiful lakefront.

The shoulder arrowhead crests also depict strength and tenacity through the inclusion of the Eagles’ talons, captured in midflight and about to strike.

We also honour our Country, our governing body and our municipality by proudly and prominently displaying on our jerseys the Canadian flag on the chest, the OMHA logo on the arrowheads and in the neckband and our City of Burlington emblem on the shoulder crests. 

We have also had variations to our sweaters over the years, and through subtle changes, we were diligent to maintain the integrity of the sweater style.

We are very proud of our uniforms and feel that they reflect the goals of our club -- to play for success and pride in our program of excellence.  They help to distinguish our special club wherever we go.  The styling, detailing and quality of our uniforms also encourage self- discipline, help to foster team unity and cohesion, and also create a positive winning environment.

The message of our game sweater and its symbolism is clear - we are representing our country, city, governing board, hockey club and heritage and therefore, should always wear our uniform with the pride with which it was created and continues to evolve.

Go Eagles!!!

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