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ExecutiveDave ArmstrongPresident905-979-3051 (c)
ExecutiveJean LongfieldVice President
ExecutiveBram CottonExecutive Director905-329-9498 (c)
ExecutiveBrian SharpeVice President Hockey647 884 1349 (c)
ExecutiveGary MathiesonTreasurer905-634-3994 (c)
ExecutiveBilly BoucherSpecial Events416-435-4381 (c)
ExecutiveDave GulucheRisk Management905-464-0010 (c)
ExecutiveKris MaslanykFundraising & Team Sponsorship403-614-6271 (c)
ExecutiveJustin Howard Hockey 905-580-2925 (c)
ExecutiveLisa WilliamsJr. Eagles/Spiritwear905-220-7868 (c)
ExecutiveJohn Tait Past President905-379-6642 (c)
Org StaffKyle MundellHockey Co-Ordinator905 336-3321 (w)
Org StaffDaniel VieiraOffice Administrator Intern905-336-3321 (w)
Org StaffCorinne SchutteIce Scheduler905-407-5359 (c)
Org StaffMike SchutteCoach Consultant & Player Development Coordinator 289-235-7908 (c)
Org StaffConnie KalpakisHead Trainer905-580-9720 (c)
Org StaffBryce O'HaganGoalie Mentor289-208-6997 (c)
Org StaffRyan HarrisonReferee in Chief905-630-9036 (c)
Org StaffCindy InglehartReferee Assigner905-466-3641 (c)
Org StaffMarilyn BairdHead Timekeeper905-319-1123 (c)
Org StaffDave GulucheHead Convenor905-464-0010 (c)
Org StaffMike VolpeMidget Convenor905-691-5751 (c)
Org StaffNick FinelliBantam Convenor905-301-4591 (c)
Org StaffRachel FerreiraPeewee Convenor905-808-5759 (c)
Org StaffJay LabelleAtom Convenor905-320-8706 (c)
Org StaffBrent WalkerNovice Convenor416-407-9125 (c)
Org StaffCorey LockeDirector of Coach and Player Development
Org StaffMike MundyJr Eagles & Initiation Convenor905-334-2829 (c)
Junior EaglesBrent SoucieHead Coach
Minor Novice GoldStephen TaitHead Coach905-391-4937 (c)
Minor Novice BlueBrent MacMillanHead Coach289-686-4243 (c)
Minor Novice BlueLaura SpeckManager
Minor Novice WhiteDave ThomasHead Coach905-320-8522 (c)
Minor Novice WhiteLeah RossoManager905-510-6199 (c)
Minor Novice BurgundyShawn CardyHead Coach416-627-9917 (c)
Novice AAAFloyd HillHead Coach416-688-2427 (c)
Novice AAAJulie MelnychukManager905-635-6002 (c)
Novice AAAPaul NormoreTrainer
Novice AABryan JohnsonHead Coach289-208-2739 (c)
Novice ACraig TalosiHead Coach 416-347-7185 (c)
Novice AHelena TalosiManager647-408-4178 (c)
Minor Atom AAAPhil KavanaghHead Coach289-242-8366 (c)
Minor Atom AAAPete FloodAC905-330-4951 (c)
Minor Atom AAAGary GradAC905-637-9195 (h) 365-999-5103 (c)
Minor Atom AAAChristine Ladwig-MarcilManager2898340525 (h) 2898340525 (w) 2898340525 (c)
Minor Atom AAARuss McCraeTrainer905-639-8996 (h) 905-208-1609 (c)
Minor Atom AAADarcy MooreAC647-222-1415 (c)
Minor Atom AA GoldDarryl HeineHead Coach905-741-7073 (c)
Minor Atom AA GoldHeather BusbyManager905-973-1241 (c)
Minor Atom AA GoldRyan CarsonTrainer
Minor Atom AA GoldJordan TaylorAsst. Coach
Minor Atom AA BluePaul RobbinsHead Coach289-208-0609 (c)
Minor Atom AA BlueJennifer TaylorManager905-407-0004 (c)
Minor Atom AJacques GauthierHead Coach416-569-5658 (c)
Minor Atom AKelly BrennanManager905-467-1105 (c)
Minor Atom AKevin FlorAssistant Coach
Minor Atom AThomas HockneyTrainer
Minor Atom AColin WillisAssistant Coach
Atom AAAAndrew WhalenHead Coach905-638-2409 (c)
Atom AAAKristen PriestnerManager416-735-3211 (c)
Atom AANelson SerpaHead Coach 647-465-6434 (c)
Atom AAMike MundyAssistant Coach
Atom AAMichael BunaAssistant Coach
Atom AAJeff GarrattAssistant Coach
Atom AAMichelle DunbarManager289-442-2990 (c)
Atom AARay LoyaTrainer289-937-6601 (c)
Atom AANicole MclauchlinTrainer416-859-4076 (c)
Atom AIan TapsonHead Coach289-828-3129 (c)
Atom ALaura BeattieManager905-483-0489 (c)
Minor Peewee AAAVincent CiancioloCoach905-745-9738 (c)
Minor Peewee AAAZack BosanacTrainer
Minor Peewee AAAHay ChanManager905-864-9536 (c)
Minor Peewee AAACraig HacheyAssistant Coach
Minor Peewee AAANoah Jacobsen Assistant Coach
Minor Peewee AAADarren MacneilAssistant Coach
Minor Peewee AA GoldDerek BoyerHead Coach416-726-8379 (c)
Minor Peewee AA GoldDrew RudnickiTrainer
Minor Peewee AA GoldUdo SpringmannAssistant Coach
Minor Peewee AA GoldHeather BoudreauManager905-208-1436 (c)
Minor Peewee AA GoldRob DonkoAssistant Coach
Minor Peewee AA GoldJR PlanteAssistant Coach
Minor Peewee AA BlueGreg BurgessHead Coach905-466-5894 (c)
Minor Peewee AA BlueAndrea AnastasiouGOGB Leader
Minor Peewee AA BlueKate BabonySocial Coordinator
Minor Peewee AA BlueMike BergTrainer
Minor Peewee AA BlueDave LottridgeAssistant Coach
Minor Peewee AA BlueRenee McIntoshNLT Coordinator
Minor Peewee AA BlueTodd SmithManager416-829-9088 (c)
Minor Peewee AA BlueMark SvacinaAssistant Coach
Minor Peewee AA BlueBrett TurnerAssistant Coach
Minor Peewee AA BlueCherie TurnerAssistant Trainer
Minor Peewee AColin WillisHead Coach905-630-5690 (c)
Minor Peewee AJason GuilfoyleManager647-869-2650 (c)
Minor Peewee ATom HockneyTrainer
Minor Peewee AScott MarshAsst . Coach
Minor Peewee AWarren SheridanAsst. Coach
Peewee AAAPeter GowthorpeHead Coach905-802-9535 (c)
Peewee AAASusan PeakManager905-467-8367 (c)
Peewee AA GoldRob FortinHead Coach905-617-1919 (c)
Peewee AA GoldScott CressmanTrainer
Peewee AA GoldKevin GilliganAssistant Coach
Peewee AA GoldLori JesudianManager289-834-3378 (c)
Peewee AA GoldDavid VeermanAssistant Coach
Peewee AA BlueBecky Kellar Head Coach905-517-8236 (c)
Peewee AA BlueChristian KeoghAssistant Coach
Peewee AA BlueIan GoweAssistant Coach
Peewee AA BluePat CocklinAssistant Coach
Peewee AA BlueRob McDanielTrainer
Peewee AA BlueKim BevingtonManager
Peewee AA BlueJody ChardNLT Co-ordinator
Peewee AA BlueHolly MahonFood Drive Captain
Peewee A GoldMike GilmoreHead Coach905-520-7474 (c)
Peewee A GoldRick BarretoManager905-536-2646 (c)
Peewee A GoldJeff BentAssistant Coach
Peewee A GoldChris JacksonTrainer
Peewee A GoldJim MooreAssistant Coach
Peewee A BlueTyler DaveyHead Coach647-462-5963 (c)
Peewee A BlueSherrye HagueManager289-208-7305 (c)
Peewee A BlueDavid KellyCoach at Large
Peewee A BlueBob LesterTrainer
Peewee A BlueMike McDonaldAssistant Coach
Peewee A BlueJason SakerAssistant Coach
Peewee A BlueBrandon VandermeulenGoalie Coach
Minor Bantam AAAAlbert Di FazioHead Coach905-691-4426 (c)
Minor Bantam AAATerri DiPaoloManager289-259-9554 (c)
Minor Bantam AAAGio MorroneTrainer
Minor Bantam AAAMike PattersonCoach at Large
Minor Bantam AA GoldCam CookeHead Coach416-580-6868 (c)
Minor Bantam AA GoldToni CookeManager416-433-4704 (c)
Minor Bantam AA GoldTom GloverTrainer
Minor Bantam AA GoldJonah GouldAssistant Coach
Minor Bantam AA GoldChad HollowayAssistant Coach
Minor Bantam AA GoldKyle MundellAssistant Coach
Minor Bantam AA BlueKarl HearnHead Coach289-795-4181 (c)
Minor Bantam AA BlueAl Brewer Assist. Coach4166718432 (c)
Minor Bantam AA BlueTD HarveyAssist. Coach416-729-1822 (c)
Minor Bantam AA BlueBrendan RichardsManager905-220-4839 (c)
Minor Bantam AA BlueKevin ScullionGoalie Coach
Minor Bantam AA BlueBrent WalkerTrainer
Minor Bantam A GoldMike WhittakerHead Coach905-572-0557 (c)
Minor Bantam A GoldChris BuitenhuisNLT Coordinator
Minor Bantam A GoldTodd DallimoreTrainer
Minor Bantam A GoldWayne IrelandAssistant Coach
Minor Bantam A GoldJeff JacksonAssistant Coach
Minor Bantam A GoldKirby WilliamsManager905-699-3094 (c)
Minor Bantam A BlueJohn McGowanHead Coach905-220-0559 (c)
Minor Bantam A BlueJason AngManager289-834-3695 (c)
Minor Bantam A BlueJohn LeeTrainer
Minor Bantam A BlueGreg McNaughtonAssistant Coach
Minor Bantam A BlueShawn ServiceAssistant Coach
Minor Bantam A BlueJason FarrellAssistant Coach
Bantam AAAAlex DaviesHead Coach416-705-9152 (c)
Bantam AAARob HoldenManager289-259-3780 (c)
Bantam AAAAndrew HartAssistant Coach
Bantam AAAScott FasanoAssistant Coach
Bantam AA GoldChris SmithHead Coach905-464-0126 (c)
Bantam AA GoldMarie-Claude MorrissetteManager905-749-1808 (c)
Bantam AA BlueGraham AgnewHead Coach905-630-4242 (h)
Bantam AA BluePaul CarteAssistant Coach
Bantam AA BlueFrank HartshorneManager9058079849 (h) 1-905-515-1664 (c)
Bantam AA BlueBrandon PooleTrainer
Bantam AA BlueChad RopechanAssistant Coach416-523-3165 (c)
Bantam AJoe BjorklundHead Coach905-220-0032 (h)
Bantam AJeff BentAssistant Coach
Bantam AGreg BloomfieldAssistant Coach
Bantam ATony CunhaTrainer
Bantam AStephen HaeneyManager905-319-8029 (c)
Bantam APaul ManningTrainer
Minor Midget AAATerry WillisHead Coach416-716-8739 (c)
Minor Midget AAARick McGuireManager905-464-2143 (c)
Minor Midget AAMichael MoesHead Coach647-404-8984 (c)
Minor Midget AAaron BrooksHead Coach905-399-2844 (c)
Minor Midget ADavid SloanManager905-467-0430 (c)
Minor Midget ABrian ZaharaTrainer
Midget AAAEthan LyonsHead Coach289-259-8650 (c)
Midget AAARina AtkinsonManager9055706529 (c)
Midget AAGreg CollingsHead Coach905-630-3444 (c)
Midget AABob GeitzTrainer
Midget AACorban SecorManager416-453-0308 (c)
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