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ExecutiveDave ArmstrongPresident905-979-3051 (c)
ExecutiveJean LongfieldVice President
ExecutiveBrian SharpeVice President Hockey647 884 1349 (c)
ExecutiveGary MathiesonTreasurer905-634-3994 (c)
ExecutiveBilly BoucherSpecial Events416-435-4381 (c)
ExecutiveDave GulucheRisk Management905-464-0010 (c)
ExecutiveKris MaslanykFundraising & Team Sponsorship403-614-6271 (c)
ExecutiveJustin Howard Hockey 905-580-2925 (c)
ExecutiveLisa WilliamsJr. Eagles/Spiritwear905-220-7868 (c)
ExecutiveJohn Tait Past President905-379-6642 (c)
Org StaffKyle MundellHockey Co-Ordinator905 336-3321 (w)
Org StaffMaxime TellierOffice Administrator Intern905-336-3321 (w)
Org StaffCorinne SchutteIce Scheduler
Org StaffConnie KalpakisHead Trainer905-580-9720 (c)
Org StaffBryce O'HaganGoalie Mentor289-208-6997 (c)
Org StaffRyan HarrisonReferee in Chief905-630-9036 (c)
Org StaffCindy InglehartReferee Assigner905-466-3641 (c)
Org StaffMarilyn BairdHead Timekeeper905-319-1123 (c)
Org StaffDave GulucheHead Convenor905-464-0010 (c)
Org StaffMike VolpeMidget Convenor905-691-5751 (c)
Org StaffNick FinelliBantam Convenor905-301-4591 (c)
Org StaffRachel FerreiraPeewee Convenor905-808-5759 (c)
Org StaffJay LabelleAtom Convenor905-320-8706 (c)
Org StaffBrent WalkerNovice Convenor416-407-9125 (c)
Org StaffCorey LockeDirector of Coach and Player Development
Org StaffMike MundyJr Eagles & Initiation Convenor905-334-2829 (c)
Junior EaglesBrent SoucieHead Coach
Under-8 GoldStephen TaitHead Coach905-391-4937 (c)
Under-8 BlueBrent MacMillanHead Coach289-686-4243 (c)
Under-8 BlueLaura SpeckManager
Under-8 WhiteDave ThomasHead Coach905-320-8522 (c)
Under-8 WhiteLeah RossoManager905-510-6199 (c)
Under-8 BurgundyShawn CardyHead Coach416-627-9917 (c)
Under-9 AAAFloyd HillHead Coach416-688-2427 (c)
Under-9 AAAJulie MelnychukManager905-635-6002 (c)
Under-9 AAAPaul NormoreTrainer
Under-9 AABryan JohnsonHead Coach289-208-2739 (c)
Under-9 ACraig TalosiHead Coach 416-347-7185 (c)
Under-9 AHelena TalosiManager647-408-4178 (c)
Under-10 AAAPhil KavanaghHead Coach289-242-8366 (c)
Under-10 AAAPete FloodAC905-330-4951 (c)
Under-10 AAAGary GradAC905-637-9195 (h) 365-999-5103 (c)
Under-10 AAAChristine Ladwig-MarcilManager2898340525 (h) 2898340525 (w) 2898340525 (c)
Under-10 AAARuss McCraeTrainer905-639-8996 (h) 905-208-1609 (c)
Under-10 AAADarcy MooreAC647-222-1415 (c)
Under-10 AA GoldDarryl HeineHead Coach905-741-7073 (c)
Under-10 AA GoldHeather BusbyManager905-973-1241 (c)
Under-10 AA GoldRyan CarsonTrainer
Under-10 AA GoldJordan TaylorAsst. Coach
Under-10 AA BluePaul RobbinsHead Coach289-208-0609 (c)
Under-10 AA BlueJennifer TaylorManager905-407-0004 (c)
Under-10 AJacques GauthierHead Coach416-569-5658 (c)
Under-10 AKelly BrennanManager905-467-1105 (c)
Under-10 AKevin FlorAssistant Coach
Under-10 AThomas HockneyTrainer
Under-10 AColin WillisAssistant Coach
Under-11 AAAAndrew WhalenHead Coach905-638-2409 (c)
Under-11 AAAKristen PriestnerManager416-735-3211 (c)
Under-11 AANelson SerpaHead Coach 647-465-6434 (c)
Under-11 AAMike MundyAssistant Coach
Under-11 AAMichael BunaAssistant Coach
Under-11 AAJeff GarrattAssistant Coach
Under-11 AAMichelle DunbarManager289-442-2990 (c)
Under-11 AARay LoyaTrainer289-937-6601 (c)
Under-11 AANicole MclauchlinTrainer416-859-4076 (c)
Under-11 AIan TapsonHead Coach289-828-3129 (c)
Under-11 ALaura BeattieManager905-483-0489 (c)
Under-12 AAAVincent CiancioloCoach905-745-9738 (c)
Under-12 AAAZack BosanacTrainer
Under-12 AAAHay ChanManager905-864-9536 (c)
Under-12 AAACraig HacheyAssistant Coach
Under-12 AAANoah Jacobsen Assistant Coach
Under-12 AAADarren MacneilAssistant Coach
Under-12 AA GoldDerek BoyerHead Coach416-726-8379 (c)
Under-12 AA GoldDrew RudnickiTrainer
Under-12 AA GoldUdo SpringmannAssistant Coach
Under-12 AA GoldHeather BoudreauManager905-208-1436 (c)
Under-12 AA GoldRob DonkoAssistant Coach
Under-12 AA GoldJR PlanteAssistant Coach
Under-12 AA BlueGreg BurgessHead Coach905-466-5894 (c)
Under-12 AA BlueAndrea AnastasiouGOGB Leader
Under-12 AA BlueKate BabonySocial Coordinator
Under-12 AA BlueMike BergTrainer
Under-12 AA BlueDave LottridgeAssistant Coach
Under-12 AA BlueRenee McIntoshNLT Coordinator
Under-12 AA BlueTodd SmithManager416-829-9088 (c)
Under-12 AA BlueMark SvacinaAssistant Coach
Under-12 AA BlueBrett TurnerAssistant Coach
Under-12 AA BlueCherie TurnerAssistant Trainer
Under-12 AColin WillisHead Coach905-630-5690 (c)
Under-12 AJason GuilfoyleManager647-869-2650 (c)
Under-12 ATom HockneyTrainer
Under-12 AScott MarshAsst . Coach
Under-12 AWarren SheridanAsst. Coach
Under-13 AAAPeter GowthorpeHead Coach905-802-9535 (c)
Under-13 AAASusan PeakManager905-467-8367 (c)
Under-13 AA GoldRob FortinHead Coach905-617-1919 (c)
Under-13 AA GoldScott CressmanTrainer
Under-13 AA GoldKevin GilliganAssistant Coach
Under-13 AA GoldLori JesudianManager289-834-3378 (c)
Under-13 AA GoldDavid VeermanAssistant Coach
Under-13 AA BlueBecky Kellar Head Coach905-517-8236 (c)
Under-13 AA BlueChristian KeoghAssistant Coach
Under-13 AA BlueIan GoweAssistant Coach
Under-13 AA BluePat CocklinAssistant Coach
Under-13 AA BlueRob McDanielTrainer
Under-13 AA BlueKim BevingtonManager
Under-13 AA BlueJody ChardNLT Co-ordinator
Under-13 AA BlueHolly MahonFood Drive Captain
Under-13 A GoldMike GilmoreHead Coach905-520-7474 (c)
Under-13 A GoldRick BarretoManager905-536-2646 (c)
Under-13 A GoldJeff BentAssistant Coach
Under-13 A GoldChris JacksonTrainer
Under-13 A GoldJim MooreAssistant Coach
Under-13 A BlueTyler DaveyHead Coach647-462-5963 (c)
Under-13 A BlueSherrye HagueManager289-208-7305 (c)
Under-13 A BlueDavid KellyCoach at Large
Under-13 A BlueBob LesterTrainer
Under-13 A BlueMike McDonaldAssistant Coach
Under-13 A BlueJason SakerAssistant Coach
Under-13 A BlueBrandon VandermeulenGoalie Coach
Under-14 AAAAlbert Di FazioHead Coach905-691-4426 (c)
Under-14 AAATerri DiPaoloManager289-259-9554 (c)
Under-14 AAAGio MorroneTrainer
Under-14 AAAMike PattersonCoach at Large
Under-14 AA GoldCam CookeHead Coach416-580-6868 (c)
Under-14 AA GoldToni CookeManager416-433-4704 (c)
Under-14 AA GoldTom GloverTrainer
Under-14 AA GoldJonah GouldAssistant Coach
Under-14 AA GoldChad HollowayAssistant Coach
Under-14 AA GoldKyle MundellAssistant Coach
Under-14 AA BlueKarl HearnHead Coach289-795-4181 (c)
Under-14 AA BlueAl Brewer Assist. Coach4166718432 (c)
Under-14 AA BlueTD HarveyAssist. Coach416-729-1822 (c)
Under-14 AA BlueBrendan RichardsManager905-220-4839 (c)
Under-14 AA BlueKevin ScullionGoalie Coach
Under-14 AA BlueBrent WalkerTrainer
Under-14 A GoldMike WhittakerHead Coach905-572-0557 (c)
Under-14 A GoldChris BuitenhuisNLT Coordinator
Under-14 A GoldTodd DallimoreTrainer
Under-14 A GoldWayne IrelandAssistant Coach
Under-14 A GoldJeff JacksonAssistant Coach
Under-14 A GoldKirby WilliamsManager905-699-3094 (c)
Under-14 A BlueJohn McGowanHead Coach905-220-0559 (c)
Under-14 A BlueJason AngManager289-834-3695 (c)
Under-14 A BlueJohn LeeTrainer
Under-14 A BlueGreg McNaughtonAssistant Coach
Under-14 A BlueShawn ServiceAssistant Coach
Under-14 A BlueJason FarrellAssistant Coach
Under-15 AAAAlex DaviesHead Coach416-705-9152 (c)
Under-15 AAARob HoldenManager289-259-3780 (c)
Under-15 AAAAndrew HartAssistant Coach
Under-15 AAAScott FasanoAssistant Coach
Under-15 AA GoldChris SmithHead Coach905-464-0126 (c)
Under-15 AA GoldMarie-Claude MorrissetteManager905-749-1808 (c)
Under-15 AA BlueGraham AgnewHead Coach905-630-4242 (h)
Under-15 AA BluePaul CarteAssistant Coach
Under-15 AA BlueFrank HartshorneManager9058079849 (h) 1-905-515-1664 (c)
Under-15 AA BlueBrandon PooleTrainer
Under-15 AA BlueChad RopechanAssistant Coach416-523-3165 (c)
Under-15 AJoe BjorklundHead Coach905-220-0032 (h)
Under-15 AJeff BentAssistant Coach
Under-15 AGreg BloomfieldAssistant Coach
Under-15 ATony CunhaTrainer
Under-15 AStephen HaeneyManager905-319-8029 (c)
Under-15 APaul ManningTrainer
Under-16 AAATerry WillisHead Coach416-716-8739 (c)
Under-16 AAARick McGuireManager905-464-2143 (c)
Under-16 AAMichael MoesHead Coach647-404-8984 (c)
Under-16 AAaron BrooksHead Coach905-399-2844 (c)
Under-16 ADavid SloanManager905-467-0430 (c)
Under-16 ABrian ZaharaTrainer
Under-18 AAAEthan LyonsHead Coach289-259-8650 (c)
Under-18 AAARina AtkinsonManager9055706529 (c)
Under-18 AAGreg CollingsHead Coach905-630-3444 (c)
Under-18 AABob GeitzTrainer
Under-18 AACorban SecorManager416-453-0308 (c)
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