NLT DEVELOPMENT (Burlington City Rep Hockey Club)


Burlington Eagles

Next Level Training 2018-2019 Program

Simplified, Specific and Effective


The Burlington City Rep Hockey Club is continuing to transform the way we develop our players. We learned from our first two years pilot project, and took feedback from the coaches, players, convenors, coach mentor and parents and based on the feedback we are unveiling an improved extensive training program that gives every child and their team the chance to excel at the sport he/she loves.

This program will involve top level coaches, the highest level local instructors that excel in their fields and most of all be far more directed to the needs of your child and his/her team through extensive on ice skill development and off ice training techniques. The team will have the flexibility to schedule sessions when it best works for their team.

What programs are eligible for NLT

·         Sports Phycology

·         Team Nutrition

·         Motivation

·         Power Skating

·         Puck control

·         Strength and Conditioning

·         Goalie Specific Training

·         Defense Specific Training

·         Forward Specific Training

·         Team Fundamental Training

NLT Team Coordinator (NEW)

Each team will have a designated NLT Team Coordinator who will work with the coaching staff to coordinate the NLT budget to ensure proper execution. The NLT Team Coordinator will communicate with the parents/coaches to ensure transparency into the program and the budget. The NLT Team Coordinator will follow the plan outlined between the coaches and the coach mentor from the beginning of the year.

NLT Kick-off Weekend (NEW)

New for the 2018-2019 season, the first weekend will be dedicated to our NLT showcase which will allow our coaches and NLT Team Coordinators to meet & greet with some of the NLT coaches while they run some of their sessions for various age groups of Eagles. Each age group will be assigned ice times and players will be able to register on a voluntary basis for the ice times.


NLT Approved Coaches

1.       Mike Ellis, Mark Ellis and Denver Manderson (Focus on Coach and Player Development)

2.       Kelly Reed and Mark Rodgers (Power Skating, Puck Control, Defence Specialists)

3.       Scott Mifsud (Obstacle Course Puck Control)

4.       Tim Turk (Shooting)

5.       Dino Felliceti (Offensive Skills & Goal Scoring)

6.       Jeffrey Gilligan (Offensive Skills, puck control and Agility Skating)

7.       Justin Dacosta (Agility and Transition)

8.       John Lang (Power Edge Pro)

9.       Greg Gilbert (Special Teams and Transition)

10.     Brent Vandenberg (Puck Skills)

11.   Center Ice Hockey Training Academy (Various clinics)

12.   The Burlington Pond (Various Clinics)

13.   Becky Kellar (Path to Excellence)

14.   Will Wallace (Power Play Hockey)

15.   Darren Haydar (PP, offensive skills and generating offense)

16.   Mike Folkes (Defensive play/agility for D)

17.  Bryce O'Hagan (Goalie Development Coordinator)

18.   Rod Kirk (Mental Preparation - Sports Psychology)

OHL - drafted by the London Knights 1982 selection process

19.   James Austin (general skills - MPW and younger)

20.  George Bradley (Defensive play/agility for D)

21.  Kyle Kokotailo (off-ice Team Membership Training MPW to Midget)

22.  Brandon Coccimiglio (off-ice Team Membership Training MPW to Midget)


We believe that the Burlington City Rep Hockey Club is a strong organization steeped in tradition and we want to continue that success, but we also recognize the need to continue to change with the times, thus we have IMPROVED the NEXT LEVEL TRAINING platform we started two years ago to further develop our coaches , players and teams. Our club is focused on investing in the development of our members/players and as such we will continue to adapt and grow with them.

The combination of a strong hockey development coaching group coupled with a focus on skill development of our players will ensure the success of the Burlington Eagles.


Our Mission Statement: Commitment to Excellence

The Burlington City Rep Hockey Club advocates and facilitates philosophies which affect the success and edification of our athletes as whole persons. This development includes eliciting values of character, education, integrity, leadership, teamwork, quality of life and altruism.
We have set ourselves the task of helping to mold our athletes, through the great Canadian passion of hockey, into responsible future leaders and caring citizens, whose paths will also be defined by a quest for excellence in all they do.

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