NLT DEVELOPMENT (Burlington City Rep Hockey Club)



Burlington Eagles (NLT) Next Level Training 2023-2024 Development Program


The Burlington City Rep Hockey Club made a commitment to provide our Eagles players and coaches with more on-ice and off-ice development sessions than ever before. As we enter the 2023–2024 minor hockey season, the Burlington City Rep Hockey Club is continuing to progress the way we DEVELOP our Eagles athletes. We have continued to transform and improve our NLT based on feedback from the Eagles Hockey Committee, Eagles Development team, Eagles coaches, Eagles conveners and Eagles parents, guardians, and players. Based on all the feedback, we have made the necessary changes in improving the extensive development and training program that will reward every Eagles athlete and each Eagles team. Teaching fitness habits, instilling life-skills, creating healthy competition, increasing friendships, and providing enjoyment in the great sport of hockey. 


This year’s NLT program will include the most qualified off-ice coaches and the highest level of local on-ice skill coaches that excel in all aspects of technical, tactical, and team development. These coaches will evaluate and improve the needs of the Eagles athletes through extensive on ice skill development and off-ice training techniques. The Eagles hockey club has committed to hundreds of hours of positioning specific training for our Eagles athletes with James Austin, Scott Mifsud, Justin DaCosta, Robert Bentivenga, Michael Budd, Bryce O’Hagan, Daryl Knowles, Alex Hutchings, Taylor McDonald, Christy Baltzer, and Lauren Malott providing more consistency and customized skill development for our Eagles players, coaches, and teams.     

NLT Development Program includes:

  • Player Support and Development by NLT Skills Coaches
  •  Coach Support and Development by NLT Skills Coaches
  •  Forward Specific Training and Development by NLT Skills Coaches
  •  Defense Specific Training and Development by NLT Skills Coaches
  •  Goalie Specific Training and Development by NLT Goalie Coaches
  •  Skating Development by NLT Power Skating Coaches
  •  Strength Training, Off-Ice Conditioning and Team Nutrition by Shield Performance
  • Video Analysis for Individual Player Development and Team Development by Pixelot, VidSwap, and HUDL

The Burlington City Rep Hockey Club is a dedicated association steeped in tradition and the club wants to grow our evolvement, successes, and improvements. The club recognizes the need to continue to learn, change and evolve, thus we continue to improve and develop the Next Level Training platform created several years ago. Our Eagles’ club is focused on investing resources and time into the development of our members, coaches, and players to help and add more consistency as everyone graduates up through the Eagles club.

Finding, adding, and placing the right qualified development coaches for the Eagles players, coaches and teams will ensure a combination that DEVELOPMENT and SUCCESS will be achieved by ALL 

Our Mission Statement: Commitment to Excellence

The Burlington City Rep Hockey Club advocates and facilitates philosophies which affect the success and edification of our athletes as whole persons. This development includes eliciting values of character, education, integrity, leadership, teamwork, quality of life and altruism.

We have set ourselves the task of helping to mold our athletes, through the great Canadian passion of hockey, into responsible future leaders and caring citizens, whose paths will also be defined by a quest for excellence in all they do.