Moving In Policy (Burlington City Rep Hockey Club)

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Moving in Policy

If you are moving to Burlington and want your son or daughter to be eligible to attend Tryouts the following guide will provide a step by step walkthrough of what’s required before attending tryouts. 

Burlington supports Hometown Hockey and therefore is a Closed Centre.  We do not bring in Players from outside of Burlington with the exception of Major Midget as it is mandated Open Borders.  Burlington City Rep Hockey Club (BCRHC) fully abides by OMHA Regulation 3.3 governing that only confirmed residents of Burlington shall be eligible to be rostered to a Team.


1. OHF TRANSFER-player is moving from another association outside of the OMHA (i.e. Alliance, GTHL, NOHA etc.)

OHF Residential Transfer Form

2. OMHA TRANSFER-player is moving from an OMHA centre to another OMHA centre.

OMHA to OMHA Residential Transfer Form

– if you are uncertain please contact [email protected]

Step 1: Obtain the necessary documents:

A. Mandatory Documents (as listed on the transfer form)

1. Copy of Birth Certificate for Player

2. Copy of Purchase or Rental Agreement (amounts can be blacked out) OHF/OMHA

3. Copy of both parent's Drivers Licence with new Burlington Address OHF/OMHA

4. Copy of bills with the new Burlington address (the more the better) OHF/OMHA

5. Copy of school enrolment confirmation (citing school year, report cards are acceptable)

6. Letter to school authorizing the OHF/OMHA to check on and confirm school enrolment during school year. (There are 2 different letters OHF and OMHA and sample letters are available below) 

7. Executed copy of any relevant separation agreement, custody order or divorce decree (OHF/OMHA)

8. Letter from parent(s) employer(s) confirming employment and primary location of that employment (sample letter is available below) OHF only

9. Notary Public Affidavit in split custody circumstances, with split residence, confirming the player resides within Burlington more than 50% of the time (joint-custody). 

B. Optional Documents

1. Property Tax bill/statement for new Burlington Address

2. Land Title/Deed

Step 2: Scan each document

Step 3: Attach the documents in PDF format in an email to: [email protected]

Step 4: OMHA approval can take time, once approval is received – you will receive an email notifying you that you are now eligible to register your player to attend Rep Tryouts.

Important Note: This is an easy, straightforward and reasonably streamlined process if the requestor provides all mandatory supporting documentation, in the correct format, at the correct time. In the event one or more obligatory documents aren’t provided, no guarantee on response time exists, and it’s probable that the player will miss some/all tryouts. As with all things, the more documentation the better, so the more proof you can provide the higher the possibility of a quick approval. 

Sample Letters:

OMHA Sample School Letter

OHF Sample School Letter

Sample Employer Letter

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I am thinking about moving to Burlington, but haven’t settled on a home/condo/rental. How does this impact me? 
A. Your player is not eligible to tryout for BCRHC until you satisfy all documentation requirements outlined above.

Q. I have purchased a home/condo/rental in Burlington, but I don’t move in until after Tryouts. Is my player eligible to skate at Tryouts? 
A. If all documentation other than updated drivers licences and household bills with the new address have been submitted with the Residential transfer form then it may be considered.  Each situation is dealt with on an individual basis depending on circumstances.

Q. We have joint custody of our player, and one parent is in Burlington, the other is not – is my player eligible for tryouts under this circumstance? 
A. As long as you can satisfy all documentation requirements above, including an affidavit that proves more than 50% of the player’s time is spent with the Burlington parent, and the player attends school in Burlington, then the player will be eligible.

Q. Can I register before you approve my residency request? 
A. No – the Hockey Canada Registry will block all activity by BCRHC until such time that the residency request is processed.

Your documents will be reviewed by the BCRHC for completeness, accuracy and format. Should they pass this preliminary review, the BCRHC will upload each document to the player’s permanent member profile on the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR). Once each document has been uploaded and accepted by this secure program, an OMHA representative will review the submission for authenticity and completeness. The OMHA will then a)approve, b)decline, or c)investigate for possible fraud the move, and will notify the BCRHC accordingly. Once notified, the BCRHC will notify the member of the decision and next steps.

You should be aware that every Residency/Move request and all documentation is thoroughly investigated by the OMHA, and any false claim or misleading information may result in player suspension for a prolonged period of time, regardless of association (Hockey Canada).

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