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Oct 30, 2015 | Admin | 1402 views
Prize #4 - 4 Days to GO!!
Hey Eagles !! – Here is your countdown of your five days of prizes….  Prize #4  
Annual Gift of Giving Back Community Food Drive - Nov 3rd and 4th

Keep it going, Eagles!

In the true spirit of giving we are now pleased to announce our five days of prizes…DAY 4.

“The Gift of Giving Back is the largest outpouring of practical love towards the needy in our community….. ”  Major Jeff Johnston, Salvation Army

To Our Eagles Family;

                 I think the above quote says it all. Once again we are fortunate to have the opportunity to positively affect our great community.  I know that the importance of our quest is not lost on any of you who give so freely of your precious volunteer hours.  All of our teams are working hard to once again stock the shelves at the Salvation Army, Partnership West, Carpenter Hospice, Halton Women’s Place , Compassion Society and Compass Point Food Cupboard.  I ask that you please take the time to contribute what you can. Our word is starting to spread with Brampton involved and new interest in Oakville and Barrie who all want to be part of such a glorious act of compassion and kindness.  I look forward to try to personally thank each of you for your volunteer time and your food donations.  Please don’t hesitate to spur your teams on as the last few days of collection are upon us.  Thank you all and together we will......... Soar like Eagles!!!!!

John Tait

Burlington Eagles -- Your 4th prize is…….

4th Prize -- Your Ultimate Cougars X-treme Package.  This includes:

A Practice with the Cougars - the Cougars generally practice 3 days per week but with their heavy schedule, take a couple days off from the rigors of practice. This is your team’s opportunity to practice with the Cougars.  During practice off days Coach Mark Jooris  is going to welcome your team to go through a development skate as a team and then play a intra-squad game with your team mixed in with the Cougar players.  (There are limited practices available so contact General Manager Rob Radford to book your date.)

Your team practice will begin at 3:45 p.m. by coming to the Cougars’ Dressing Room to get ready for practice. Coach Mark Jooris will draw out some practice drills in the room --  to help your kids develop to be a Cougar one day.

At 3:45p.m. Cougar Assistant Coaches will put your players through the drills laid out by Coach Mark Jooris.  At 4:00 p.m. the Cougar players will take to the ice for an intra squad game.

At the game you choose to attend your players will go on the Cougars’ bench to watch the warm-up and then take to the ice to help players pick up the pucks. Before the game begins, your team will be introduced to the Cougars players and then skate to the blueline for the National Anthem before departing the ice surface to enjoy the excitement of a Cougars’ game.

At the end of the first period your team will hit the ice to participate in a 5 minute intra squad game. Your team will receive an autographed team picture and be invited back to the Cougars’ dressing room after the game.

A huge thank you to Anthony Miele and the Burlington Cougars for their support and generosity!!!

Wow ---  what a great prize!!!!

Go Eagles!! – Show your heart!  cid:C49C2907-D03D-496D-8034-54B72D69489F

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