Hey Eagles !! – Here is the countdown of your five days of prizes…., News (Burlington City Rep Hockey Club)

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Oct 29, 2015 | Admin | 3918 views
Hey Eagles !! – Here is the countdown of your five days of prizes….
Annual Gift of Giving Back Community Food Drive - Nov 3rd and 4th

Keep it going, Eagles! In the true spirit of giving we are now pleased to announce our five days of prizes…. 

It is not too late – if your team is a little behind, there are still 5 days to go – remember we will not be closing the team totals until 9:30 pm on Wednesday, November 4th!! 

Teams can add to the total right up until the deadline – and our volunteers will be happy to weigh you in at any time up until then.  We are very excited to hear about some of the great initiatives happening now – and never cease to be amazed at some of the creative ideas and methods that keep surfacing. 

A word about Monetary Contributions…

Firstly, we would like to communicate that, if given a choice, we would really like you folks to purchase food with any money gathered (if that's possible) in the spirit of the drive. The collecting, purchasing, carrying, sorting, packing all the food -- it's all chaotic and time-consuming. But the end result is really fabulous and we believe that the kids really benefit from seeing and being a part of the whole process. And everyone, including parents, enjoys the experience of all working together - especially as a team. Ultimately, we are trying to stress the idea of "giving back" - these activities are all wonderful "teachable moments”.  
As you all know, our mission is to develop empathy, build character, and ignite community mindedness among our young people. We want each of them,  to know that they too can make a difference. Sometimes, just passing over the cash or writing a cheque from the parents  (although it's much appreciated J) doesn't deliver the message quite so well - or so visually.
But of course, we are absolutely grateful with whatever you choose!!
So….....about the cash/cheques.   We will accept cheque donations to ANY of our beneficiaries – Salvation Army, Partnership West, The Compassion Society, Carpenter Hospice and Halton Women’s’ Place (Shelter).  
We will credit your team the equivalent of 2 lbs food for every $1.00. Please bring your cheques with you along with photocopies for backup. Bring them to the main Tally Desk – and we will ensure your team is credited appropriately.
So, if your family (or someone you know) typically gives to one of these organizations at Christmas, they can channel their donation through your team!!!
If your team has already given cheques to any of the beneficiary partners, please ensure we know about the contribution. Do you have a photocopy or letter for back up? If so, please bring along, so we can credit your team.
Burlington Eagles -- Your 5th prize is...
Your Team Receives 2 tickets for each player’s parents to attend a Cougars Game…KIDS are always FREE at Cougar Games!!!  (2 x 17 adult tickets).  Meet the Cougars for an autograph session, and a fun fan tunnel.  And a great big shout out from the Burlington Cougars!!!!

Wow ---  what a great prize!!!!

Go Eagles!! – Show your heart!  

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