Bruce Boettger Scholarship, Golden Horseshoe Tournament (Burlington City Rep Hockey Club)

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Bruce Boettger Scholarship Award

Scholarship Application and Selection

September 8, 2021

*PLEASE NOTE: The Scholarship Award is an integral part of the 2021 Golden Horseshoe International Elite Tournament and will be awarded only if the Tournament is completed.


In honour of the 28th Anniversary of the Golden Horseshoe International Elite Tournament the Bruce Boettger Scholarship will be awarded to any Burlington Hockey player, male or female, that has demonstrated excellence and is eligible to receive the Award.


Graduate Application Criteria

Criteria #1

Scholarship is designed for applicants who will graduate High School in June 2022 and will begin attending University/College in September 2022

Criteria #2

Committee reserves the right to apply criteria #2 and accept applications from applicant(s) currently in first year of any University/College.


Scholarship Award (Contingent)

The scholarship provides $1,000, for a maximum of 4 years for University ($4,000) or 3 years ($3,000) for College. The Scholarship will be awarded to a Burlington hockey player (male of female) that is eligible to attend a Canadian or American institute granting a Bachelor’s degree or a Canadian College granting a three year technologist diploma.


Applicant eligibility

  • Has played five (5) years of minor Hockey in Burlington and demonstrated excellence in the game.
  • Has graduated from a Burlington high school, or private school, with a good academic and disciplinary record.
  •  Has demonstrated good sportsmanship and citizenship respectively in their hockey play and community life
  •  Within a reasonable time after being selected for the award, they shall verify their acceptance for the 2021-2022 year at an institute of higher learning.

Application Deadline: Nov. 15, 2021


Application Information

Applications are available on the Golden Horseshoe Tournament/Burlington Eagle website ( or at the Burlington Eagles head office.


Contact Information: Kyle Mundell, Hockey Operations Coordinator

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone #: (905) 336-3321

Burlington Eagles Office Location: 1176 Blair Rd, Burlington, ON L7M 1K9


Selection Process

Applications are sent to:  
GHT Chair, Selection Committee, K. Charbonneau

Selection Process

  • Selection Committee shall comprise GHT Chair and 4 members (total 5)
  • Chair to forward applications, as received, to Committee members until deadline.
  • Application review shall commence five (5) business days after closing date of applications.
  • Members shall communicate in any manner with Chair until final applicant is confirmed
  • The Selection Committee Nominee shall be final

GH Committee Approval

The Chair shall report the Selection Committee recommendation to full GH Committee for approval prior to candidate notification.


The Chair shall notify the successful candidate within fifteen days of close of applications and request his/her attendance at the 2021 Tournaments Opening Ceremony. The Chair will then notify unsuccessful candidates within 24 hours of acceptance by the successful candidate.

Conflict of Interest

Any Committee member realizing a Conflict of Interest must inform the Chair and recuse themselves from the selection process. Chair shall appoint additional member to fill vacancy.


Award Ceremony

Winner shall attend (if possible) the 2021 Golden Horseshoe Tournament, Opening Ceremonies, and be recognized as the 2021 Scholarship winner and receive the first $1,000 cheque

Cheque Delivery

Further $1,000 cheques (4 years or 3 years) shall be forwarded by August each year as required by the Scholarship contract

Candidate shall provide

Within five (5) weeks of receipt of the first cheque the successful candidate shall provide to the Selection Chairman s summary of the impact this Scholarship has on their continuing education.

Promotional Approval

The successful candidate approves the use of their application information and photos for promotional purposes by the Golden Horseshow Committee

Selection of the successful candidate, and approved by the GHT Committee, shall be final.

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