Rules & Regulations, Golden Horseshoe Tournament, 2019-2020 (Burlington City Rep Hockey Club)

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**The 2020 Rules & Regulations will be posted at a later date**

2019 Rules & Regulations

2019 Golden Horseshoe Tournament Rules

All games will play under OHF/OMHA rules. Coach or team manager must register 60 minutes prior to the team’s first game on site with an approved roster and travel permit or permission to play from their local association. For a player to be eligible to participate as an Affiliated Player, that player must be on an approved roster as an affiliated player for the team they are to AP for. This is to be submitted when the team registers. 

Atom games to consist of three periods 10-10-15 minutes stop time. Peewee and Midget games consist of three periods 10-15-15 minutes stop time. These game times include quarter and semi-final games. One 30-second timeout per team per game is allowed in quarter, semi-final and final games. Two (2) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie.

When any team is ahead by five or more goals in the third period, the game will proceed under ‘running time’ unless the gap is reduced to three goals, at which point the clock will revert back to stop time. Under running time, all minor penalties are three minutes.

    1. The Championship Final games for Atom to consist of 3 periods of 10-15-15 minutes stop time. The Championship Final games for Peewee and Midget to consist of 3 periods of 15-15-15 minutes stop time. There will be a flood after the second period for all 3 x 15 minute period games.

    2. Playoff Format for each division is outlined in the Tournament Program.


    4. In the event of a tie within your group in the standings, or a re-seeding of the teams, or for a wild card berth, the following will be used to determine the final standings:

      1. Most points.
      2. The winner of the group game(s) between the teams advances.
      3. In the event that the group game ends in a tie, or if 3 or more teams tie at the conclusion of group play the team(s) will advance on the basis of highest percentage based on the following ratio GF/(GF+GA)= Team(s) closest to 1.00 advances.  Division qualifiers are seeded before wild card(s).
      4. If still tied, the team with the least penalty minutes in group play advances.
      5. If still tied, a flip of a coin by a tournament official will be made and the team that wins the flip will advance.
      6. In Championship games, home team advantage will go to the team with the better record in preliminary play.



    6. For Quarter, Semi-Finals and Finals- In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time, the format will be as follows:

      1. All games are sudden victory. First goal wins. 
      2. Teams will play one five minute period of 3 on 3 plus goalie, stop time. 
      3. If a team gets a penalty, one player is removed (3 on 2). 
      4. If the same team gets a second penalty, another player is added to the other team (4 on 2). 
      5. If the same team gets a third penalty, it will be delayed. 
      6. If the other team gets a penalty, one player is removed from its side. 
      7. After five minutes with no score, the teams will play 2 on 2 plus goalie until a goal is scored, using the preceding penalty format. 
      8. All penalties with time remaining are to be carried over into the overtime period.
      9. Teams involved are not to leave the ice after the third period, but will be given a two minute rest period before overtime starts.
      10. Teams will not change ends for the overtime periods.



    7. All teams must be prepared to start play 15 minutes in advance of scheduled time.



    9. A maximum of 19 players per team will be allowed on the game sheet.



    11. All committee decisions will be final.


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